Jul 30, 2011

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A Point of Disorder

Salim Sachedina April 7, 2007              Last weekend (March 31, 2007) I attended the Toronto Jamaat’s Annual General Meeting after a long hiatus with the sincere hope that things have changed with the way the community is run. After all, there is the advent of the new breed: more educated and more attuned with the value of democracy, that has replaced the adamant,...

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Jul 28, 2011

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In the January issue of Stanmore Senior Citizens’ Forum, your heading “Music is Haraam”, leading to the citation of two hadiths against some musical instruments, namely, mazameer (wind), ma’azif (percussion) and awataar (strings), and identifying the strings as among the “kabaa’er” (major sins), is an attempt to sweep everything remotely connected to music under the...

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Jul 28, 2011

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American Democracy at Work Where it ...

In March, 2011, my wife and I decided to drive to Washington D.C. for a brief...

Jul 18, 2011

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Secure the Camel, First!

The natural catastrophe that had befallen the two nations in early 2004,...