Salim A. Sachedina



Executive Summary – Professional Career:

Employment Career in Canada:

1966 to 1979

 Salim Sachedina, born inTanzania and after a promising banking career inDar es Salaam, immigrated toCanada in 1966. After a brief banking service, Salim joined Eastern Sound in 1969 and upon becoming its General Manager in 1971, transformed the studio into an international recording venue by bringing artists such as: Gordon Lightfoot, Anne Murray, Elton John, Isaac Hayes, Cat Stevens etc. to Eastern Sound at its trendy location onYorkville Avenue,Toronto.


Entrepreneurial Career in Canada:

1979 to date


In 1979 Salim joined Syd Kessler to form The Kessler Group and became its Chief Operating Officer. Syd and Salim, over a span of 9 years, build the Kessler Group Ltd, a holding company that owned:

  • A 5-multi track recording studio facility, Sounds Interchange, built on a 2 Acre land on the corner ofAdelaideandOntario Streetin downtownToronto;
  • Ownership of Interchange Publishing, a music publishing company;
  • Majority interest in The Air Company, a jingle production company;
  • Majority interest in The Animation House, an animation production company, servicing the advertising industry;
  • 50% interest in Thornley Designs, a prestigious design house inToronto;
  • Majority interest in Creative Interchange, providing creative writing to the advertising industry, particularly for radio advertising.

In 1988, The Kessler Group went into partnership with Labatt’s Breweries to form Supercorp Entertainment. Syd and Salim, under Supercorp Entertainment, expanded the recording, production and office facilities on the Adelaide/Ontario Streets location and acquired other businesses to increase its dominance in the creative, production and media management aspects of the advertising and production business. It acquired controlling or full interest in:

  • The Partners Film Company and its various subsidiaries;
  • Film production companies based inLos AngelesandNew York City
  • HYPN, a media buying and management company servicing the advertising industry;


Within 5 years, Syd and Salim built the Supercorp Entertainment from about $15 million a year company to $150 million a year conglomerate.

In 1993, Syd and Salim sold their interest in Supercorp to Labatt’s and diversified their portfolio by acquiring 50% interest in Canadian Sportfishing Productions Ltd., a producer of several TV series with specialty in the sport of angling. From 1993 to 1996, they ventured into the new technology and were one of pioneers in the new technology and its impact on our lives.

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They invested their personal funds to build F/X Corporation Inc. in a technology very few dared to invest, let alone understood.

Salim is currently the President and CEO of the Canadian Sportfishing Productions Inc. He brings with him years of management experience in production business. The Company has currently nine employees. Salim is assisted by a good middle-management team which is in place.

Community and Social Commitment:

   Salim Sachedina was one of founding members of a South Asian community that immigrated toCanada in the 1970s fromEast Africa. He was the first member of this community to have landed inCanada in 1966.

As a result of the political crisis inUganda, created by the dictator, Idi Amin, there was a sudden influx of refugees/immigrants fromUganda. Salim was the President of Ithnasheri Union ofToronto(an organization he founded) and as such, played a major role in settlement of his people inToronto.

He has worked actively in the community affairs of his people in its establishment in this great country of  Canada. Community projects included fund raising for community centre; establishing religious education centres for children of the members of the community; serving on the constitution committee for the community and heading a charitable trust with a mandate to assist the needy in India – establishing of orphanages; secular schools; medical dispensaries; vocational schools for women; and setting up an infrastructure with view to inculcating the entrepreneurial spirit among the villagers to improve their earnings and thereby improve the quality of their lives.

Personal and Family Life:

Salim Sachedinanot only supports the principles of multi-culturalism but also strongly believes in inter-cultural dialogue as a precondition to integration and assimilation. He believes that without such assimilation, Canadaas a nation would not fully benefit from the wealth of its diversity.

He is been married twice. He has four children – 2 from each marriage – and a grandchild. He is currently married to Honey Steiner – a union between a Jew and a Muslim. Mary Gordon, in her article for the Toronto Star (June 10, 2002) covered an event when their daughter, Hamida, became a bat mitzvah:

Salim believes in the unity of the human spirit and feels that all prejudices are the results of the fear of the unknown. Therefore, he believes that if we, as Canadians, educate others about ourselves then we will have taken a positive step towards understanding each other. The more we know others, the more we realize that there is really no major difference between cultures and people. We are all bound by the value systems which are based on human goodness.